VPS video encoding speed comparison

I was looking at VPS providers for batch video encoding runs. These numbers are in no way a comprehensive test, I was just surprised by some of them so I thought I’d share.

My source file is a 04:17 1080p mp4 and I ran it through HandbrakeCLI to create an optimised 720p version – I used the exact same commands on all the servers I span up. This is how long it took to encode:

$80 6 cores 2:21
$160 8 cores 1:53
$120 8 dedicated cores 2:53 (slower than 6 non-dedicated cores which is half the price)

$160 8 cores 2:35
$160 8 optimised cores 1:30

$160 8 cores 1:47

I was looking to compare the $160/8 core price point, the Linode $80 test is only included to show that it is faster that the 8 dedicated cores option.

Linode Xen to KVM upgrade breaks quotas

On a Linode Virtualmin CentOS 6 the upgrade from Xen to KVM breaks quotas with the following error:

repquota: Cannot stat() mounted device /dev/root: No such file or directory

The issue is that the symbolic link /dev/root is linking to /dev/xvda which has been replaced by /dev/sda so the symlink just needs to be replaced:

# rm /dev/root
# ln -s /dev/sda /dev/root

Then pop into Virtualmin (Webmin, System, Disk Quotas) and turn the quotas back on.