Install MeshCentral agent on Alpine Linux

To install in Alpine Linux you need a specific installer that doesn’t need glibc so download that from your MeshCentral server (replace with your server url):

# wget --no-check-certificate

If it has downloaded and included the query string in the filename then remove it

# mv meshagents\?id=33 meshagents

And set that file to be executable

# chmod 755 meshagents

Now we need the settings. When selecting the Linux installer in MeshCentral it shows you a bash command to use, we need to extract the long id string from that command (it should be quoted twice, the second time will be at the end). Go to the following url in your browser (you need to be authenticated for this part to work) – having replaced the server url and id string:

That should download a file called meshagents.msh – place that file (or a copy of it) in the same directory as the executable we downloaded. Then you can run the executable and it should connect to your server:

# ./meshagents &

The & at the end will keep it running in the background.

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