Install MeshCentral agent on Alpine Linux

To install in Alpine Linux you need a specific installer that doesn’t need glibc so download that from your MeshCentral server (replace with your server url): # wget –no-check-certificate If it has downloaded and included the query string in the filename then remove it # mv meshagents\?id=33 meshagents… Continue reading

Add custom icons to MeshCentral (part 3 – styles)

Carrying on from part 2 (night mode), if you copy the stylesheet style.css from C:\Program Files\Open Source\MeshCentral\node_modules\meshcentral\public\styles (in my installation) to our custom directory (- in this case C:\Program Files\Open Source\MeshCentral\meshcentral-web\public\styles) and make a few adjustments, it’s a little prettier. These are the sections to change: .DevSt {padding: 15px !important;background:… Continue reading

Add custom icons to MeshCentral (part 2 – night mode)

Following on from part 1 I have updated the icons for night mode, if you edit config.json (in C:\Program Files\Open Source\MeshCentral\meshcentral-data in my installation) and update the domains section to use night mode and hide the header and footer (see code below) and then use the icons linked to here… Continue reading

Add custom icons to MeshCentral (part 1)

MeshCentral is great, but the icons are a little Windows 7. Luckily, the author Ylian Saint-Hilaire has added a simple way to change them. Go to your MeshCentral installation folder and navigate to \meshcentral-web\public\images – this might look something like this: C:\Program Files\Open Source\MeshCentral\meshcentral-web\public\images Then place the icons in the… Continue reading

VPS Benchmarks update: Amazon EC2 and Lightsail, Azure, Contabo, DigitalOcean, Google, Hostworld, Linode, OVH, UpCloud, VPSServer,, Vultr

This is an update to the original 2020 benchmarks post with a new Provider Contabo (the only slight difference is that this provider is based in Postsmouth in the UK, everyone else on the list has a London presence) and also DigitalOcean’s new option for Premium processor and storage, which… Continue reading

Install/Update OSSIM/OSSEC agent (AlmaLinux 8.6 or CentOS)

This is an update to the previous CentOS installation of OSSEC 3.6 ( here, updating it to 3.7. You need one more library installed before OSSEC can update: dnf -y install systemd-develwget xzf 3.7.0.tar.gzcd ossec-hids-3.7.0/./ Or to install from scratch, just change the first command and add the… Continue reading

VPS Benchmarks: Amazon EC2 and Lightsail, Azure, DigitalOcean, Google, Hostworld, Linode, OVH, UpCloud, VPSServer,, Vultr

I recently needed to have a look at moving some services to a different VPS provider for redundancy so I decided to benchmark my options to compare them. The plan selected was whichever had 16GB of RAM (though Google is 15GB). The selected datacenter was always London (Azure only says… Continue reading

Install OSSIM/OSSEC agent (CentOS 7)

I couldn’t find proper instructions on doing this anywhere so here are mine: In your OSSIM portal go to Environment -> Assets & Groups -> Add Assets and enter the name/IP of the asset you want to add. On the agent run: yum -y install libevent-devel pcre2-devel openssl-develwget xzf… Continue reading