Add custom icons to MeshCentral (part 3 – styles)

Carrying on from part 2 (night mode), if you copy the stylesheet style.css from C:\Program Files\Open Source\MeshCentral\node_modules\meshcentral\public\styles (in my installation) to our custom directory (- in this case C:\Program Files\Open Source\MeshCentral\meshcentral-web\public\styles) and make a few adjustments, it’s a little prettier. These are the sections to change: .DevSt {padding: 15px !important;background:… Continue reading

Add custom icons to MeshCentral (part 2 – night mode)

Following on from part 1 I have updated the icons for night mode, if you edit config.json (in C:\Program Files\Open Source\MeshCentral\meshcentral-data in my installation) and update the domains section to use night mode and hide the header and footer (see code below) and then use the icons linked to here… Continue reading

Add custom icons to MeshCentral (part 1)

MeshCentral is great, but the icons are a little Windows 7. Luckily, the author Ylian Saint-Hilaire has added a simple way to change them. Go to your MeshCentral installation folder and navigate to \meshcentral-web\public\images – this might look something like this: C:\Program Files\Open Source\MeshCentral\meshcentral-web\public\images Then place the icons in the… Continue reading

Summernote insert single line break instead of paragraph on pressing enter

I’ve seen a variety of discussions about this and none of them quite worked for me, so here is my version – working on the current (0.8.9) version. $(“#summernote”).summernote({ //your options }).on(“summernote.enter”, function(we, e) { $(this).summernote(“pasteHTML”, “<br><br>”); e.preventDefault(); }); We intercept the enter key, insert 2 breaks (required for new… Continue reading

PHPMailer NTLM (MS Exchange) SMTP authentication

PHPmailer does not work with NTLM authentication and insists on using mhash() which is deprecated – so you need to edit the file in /extras called ntlm_sasl_client.php Find the code that checks if mhash() is installed and replace the 3 mhashes with hash instead: || !function_exists($function = “mhash”) ) {… Continue reading

Add custom fonts to WordPress TinyMCE editor with @font-face

The list of fonts in the WordPress visual editor is quite short. There are plugins available to increase it, but I wanted to add my own custom font to the select dropdown. There’s no plugin hook for this, so it needs a little lateral thinking. Firstly, generate your webfont @font-face in… Continue reading

Process email bounces with PHP

This is a quick script to process email bounces, for example from a mailing list so that users can be flagged up or unsubscribed when they have too many failures. The actual bounce identification will be done by Chris Fortune’s Bounce Handler, which you can download from: We require… Continue reading